Physiotherapy is a science based healthcare profession that promotes recovery in illness, injury or disability. It aims to restore movement and functional ability to the person's full potential and in an MSK setting can be used to diagnose conditions. At the core of the treatment is patient focused care with an aim for self management through empowerment, education and awareness.   

Initial consultation will include a subject examination in which Lizzie will ask you numerous key questions regarding your injury or pain. This could be up to half an hour during the first appointment. After this, a concise objective assessment will take place including the use of special tests and neurological assessment (if flagged up during the subjective questioning) to pin point what the root cause of the injury is e.g. Joint, muscle, Tendon, cartilage or ligaments or a combination of the above.

Treatment will occur during your initial appointment where Lizzie will talk you through management and progression of treatment. This will be sent to you via email as your treatment plan and will be updated as stretches and management plan changes. Treatment will encompass a variety of skills that will be adapted to your specific condition, such as, massage, mobilisations, acupuncture, taping, education and exercise prescription.

Initial Physiotherapy consultation (90 minutes) - £45

Follow up Physiotherapy treatment (60 minutes)- £40